Consulting Service

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We offer a variety of specialized services tailored to you

Program Negotiation

American International Education Consulting Association (AIECA) helps both U.S. and overseas universities to find international partners. If you are interested in starting a academic program in another country, AIECA can help you target countries and universities that complement your teaching areas or help you expand your offerings into new areas. Setting up new programs implies a major investment of staff time and expertise as well as a significant commitment of financial resources. AIECA can help you through the exploration and planning phases of developing new programs. We can assist in the definition of your program needs and help you determine if you have the necessary expertise to develop the program as defined.


Educational Consulting

■ Study Abroad Consulting

■ Winte camp and summe camp consulting

■ Long-term study plan for individual students

Qualified Teachers Recruiting Service

■ Recruit Qualified American teachers for Asia countries

■ Provide great teaching positions for teachers who are interested in teaching in Asia

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